Monday, January 19, 2009

Thoughts from my friend John at Wild Goose Studios in Clinton AR

Just a Thought!!!...a personal one

......with remembering an old word from a great book..

"that truth sets you free.

Good morning,to each of you. Here's this neat Wild Goose Quote:

"Often, the loudest sound heard by the talented and energetic is that of machetes being sharpened, and it is loud in the land."

But keep on keeping on. Do everything you're here to do, regardless of the naysayers.

Have a great week!

Now read some of my...thoughts

Truly what a day...!!!!.. today and then tomorrow.

Celebrate it.!!! .

A Man that had a Dream that One day, with Black and White Children that would hold hands and walk as one....


Now a President...

President Barack Obama that reminds me of the times, I was so excited in my youth when John F Kennedy became our President.

"We can change the World with our actions."

As you know, I have been an advocate the most of my life,and you may ask why...because:

I can remember the bombings in Mississippi and the Cross burnings when I was in high school. The abuse of words said to so many.

I remember my Black and dear friend Sammy that was scared. I remember the beatings I had behind the sugar cane.

I remember the father that disowned me in court for a stand.

I remember the marching and the sit ins as youth and trying to make a difference and then even the arresting....yes even me.

We all have choices in life.Today and tomorrow so many in Washington will forever remember and I believe that the children today, will make a difference.

We have to Believe that Change can be made. I see it and have in my life even with all the struggles.

We can't give up. Get involved in your community. Politics....Petitions.

I love each of you and I challenge you to make a difference. We don't have to riot,trash buildings and businesses or over turn vehicles.

We can do things "peaceful".

In this life,many have asked me, why John do you share so much...about ..."This life in the making"

I learned from two great men,that I met in my life, Dr.Ted Smith a Black Professor from New Orleans that walked with MLK and then in 1981 President Jimmy Carter.

No one is a stranger, we only make them...

Take care my friend. and as My Friend,Stevie Wonder said, " We are only as big as we think".

Just me,still trying to make a difference.

What will you do!!!!!..Meet someone today...

just me,

john on the side of the road with these personal thoughts at

Wild Goose Studio

1888 Hwy 65 North

Clinton,AR 72031

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