Tuesday, January 20, 2009

FairyTale Kids Paintings

Give the gift to last a lifetime. . . . an original painting created just for your special someone and signed by the artist. You choose a theme, colors, caption and any special touches for your acrylic on canvas painting. A painting will be designed just for you.

Hint: grandparents love to give this gift and little ones love to get them. For examples of paintings, go to www.happyheartprincess.com


  1. As an educator, parent and grandparen, I highly recommend the Happy Heart Princess as a great gift for any occasion. A wonderful book with deep meaning.

  2. Wow!! You are blessed with an amazing gift. I love your paintings. I have a thing for anything personalized, original, or monogrammed. My little girl especially liked the ballerina:)
    Thanks for checking out our blog. I am glad that you have enjoyed our family. I love documenting the lives of my kiddos and tickled that their littles lives bring a smile to others faces.
    Your blog is great. I will be a regular reader.