Saturday, December 22, 2012

Well - it seems appropriate to post on this the 21st of December seeing that we all are still here and in fact the world did not come to an end!   I like to think that some of the progressive thinkers are correct though in suggesting that this is a time of realignment or the described ' shift' - for myself , i long for simpler times, doing with less, placing more value on family, friends, spiritual health, good food, nature, music and art. 

The holidays are always a time of reflection for me - a time of looking back over the year at what was accomplished, friendships made, growth in various facets of my life.    This has been a good year for me albeit a busy one.

March of 2012 found me selling my St Simons  'All Things Princess & Fairy'  store to Melissa - the gal who had run it "like it was her own" for the past year.    Although i will admit mixed feelings, it felt really good as owning this store has given Melissa a new lease on life.   Due to a genetic disorder with physical limitations, she had not been able to attain a job in the past and found it necessary to live with mom.   She is now on her own, living in a condo, running the shop and living an independent life.   It doesn't get any better than that to know that you helped someone create a new life for themself..   Please stop and see Melissa if you get to St Simons Island.

July 2012 I TURNED 70!    okay  i'll tell the truth - i thought i was turning 69 until i awoke in a cold sweat in the middle of the night in April and after grabbing pencil and paper and doing the math, realized that i had calculated incorrectly and in fact was going to be 70 NOT 69.    It's a bit of a jolt to lose an entire year but i bucked up and decided that since i was turning 70 i would not do it quietly.    

and so i began planning for my 70th birthday party - July 4th was a steamy hot day and the party was in my backyard but it didn't seem to keep over 60 friends from showing up - the beautifully decorated cake proclaimed  "70 down - 30 to go" -   good friends from Atlanta showed up a couple of days before the party and i could have never pulled it off without their good help -   i am so blessed with wonderful friends!!!

Turning 70 caused me to consider doing some things outside my comfort zone (and although i still have several things on the list) i did sing a solo at my church accompanying myself on the piano -  "His Eye is on the Sparrow"  talks about being cared for and about Hope and expressed how i felt about this time in my life.

Continuing to work with 4th and 5th grade girls at a local elementary school using my book "On Being a Real Princess, Secrets of the Happy Heart Princess", this year i wrote a rap to go along with the program - didn't know i could be a rapper but my grandkids now call me the Rappin Nanny!   The girls did a presentation to the entire school plus parents this week - reading from the book and then doing the rap!   They were awesome and I was so proud of them!!!
2012 was the year of our 4th Annual Wee Folk Fest - it may well have been our best - we finally got great weather which translated into a great turnout with good entertainment, vendors, decorations and all around fun!   I'm proud that i created this event and hope i can keep it going with the help of Children Inc.

2012 marks the year that Stoney's Gifts, All Things Princess & Fairy was chosen for the "2012 Best of Cincinnati"    what an honor - i was thrilled and excited about the great publicity!

there are many more exciting moments in 2012 which i hope to write about in the next few weeks - but right now - i need to open the shop  . . . . . . . Christmas Love to all my readers . . . .

Sunday, October 28, 2012



In selecting merchandise to sell in my children's gift shop, it is important to me to have products that are creative, educational and self esteem enhancing.   I feel that it is important that we protect and nurture the innocence of childhood.   That is why I was so excited to find my newest addition:   Kimochis!!!  -   These 'toys with feelings' are not only loveable, cuddly and unique creatures but they have lessons to teach regarding happiness, sadness, loneliness, anger, bullying and many more emotions.  Included with the Kimochi is a guide to be used by the parent, teacher, therapist showing how to set up a role play situation, designating the feeling, dealing with the feeling and planning how to handle the next situation as it arises.

Kimochis are $29 each and can be shipped - just email me at if you would like to place an order..

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

MainStrasse Village gets ready to celebrate the 4th Annual Wee Folk Fest - This family friendly event held each year on the first Saturday of October has proven to be a hit both with the youngsters and the older crowd too. Because all activities for the children are free and because we are independent with no funding sources, it's time to start asking for donations from you! This year we are delighted that an anonymous donor has stepped up and offered to match all funds received by October 1 up to $350 - Won't you please help us get the Fairy to the Top by donating now! Just click on the golden button on the top right hand corner of the screen and Thank you!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

News Flash - this is the year I turned 70! After the initial shock when I realized this was about to happen, I began to experience a bit of excitement over the prospect of reaching my 7th decade! Turning 70 requires a bit of introspection and a touch of honesty - one begins to realize that some of my expectations will most likely not come to fruition in my lifetime. Having said that, a new awareness of the timeliness of making some of my dreams come true becomes more acute. Finding myself thinking of some of the things i thought i might do, i have begun to pay more attention to my 'bucket list' - Being 70 and having good health, energy, a pretty active mind and dreams yet to be attained causes me to stop and say "thank you God". To be 70 and be excited about life and what I yet want to accomplish is a gift that i do not take for granted. Speaking of gifts, recently a couple of shoppers visiting my shop challenged me to acknowledge and thank God for my gifts of art and music. This is terribly difficult for me because it's difficult to acknowledge that I am accomplished at all in either of these areas. And yet, by denying the 'gifts' i am denying what God has given me. It's complicated but I'm working on it!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fear is a paralysing Emotion

okay - so i need to get this out. . . . . . last fall i went throu gh a scary time in my life - the slow economy had definitely affected my business and although i have been through tough financial times before, never a time like last fall.   Not only did fear enter my psyche but i lost my HOPE!  Hope has been the mainstay of my life's journey since i was a child growing up in a dysfunctional home.  I always believed there would be a better day - HOPE!   Losing hope was a devastating and new experience for me.   Time and self talk and encouragement from others helped me to move beyond that experience.  And now i find myself asking "what was the lesson".   Perhaps, it was to give me understanding and empathy for others who have lost HOPE.   To me, losing  hope is one of the most traumatic events that a person can go thru - it is absolutely paralyzing and i think of those many americans who have for one reason or another . . lost hope.   I now understand the importance of the phrase "keep hope alive"   - it truly is the lifeline to be able to move forward in one's journey.

where have i been for the past year?

Wow - it's been almost exactly a year since i last posted and where have i been?   It's been a good albeit busy year - managing two shops (one long distance) has proven to add to my work load considerably but what fun!  We are in the process of giving the shop in Covington a new face by adding items for "big girls" to our current inventory.  My good friend and associate added Cheerful Giver candles to the mix together with some other fun items.  It was the year that i purchased my very own sewing machine and began to take my new sewing challenge seriously.   What fun creating with such beautiful and colorful fabrics.   It was the year that i decided to offer children's birthday parties in my backyard (my very own secret garden) - Since i made the decision late summer, i only did 5 parties but they were fun and i will be developing more party plans for this summer.  But more about that later . . . . .