Monday, July 16, 2012

News Flash - this is the year I turned 70! After the initial shock when I realized this was about to happen, I began to experience a bit of excitement over the prospect of reaching my 7th decade! Turning 70 requires a bit of introspection and a touch of honesty - one begins to realize that some of my expectations will most likely not come to fruition in my lifetime. Having said that, a new awareness of the timeliness of making some of my dreams come true becomes more acute. Finding myself thinking of some of the things i thought i might do, i have begun to pay more attention to my 'bucket list' - Being 70 and having good health, energy, a pretty active mind and dreams yet to be attained causes me to stop and say "thank you God". To be 70 and be excited about life and what I yet want to accomplish is a gift that i do not take for granted. Speaking of gifts, recently a couple of shoppers visiting my shop challenged me to acknowledge and thank God for my gifts of art and music. This is terribly difficult for me because it's difficult to acknowledge that I am accomplished at all in either of these areas. And yet, by denying the 'gifts' i am denying what God has given me. It's complicated but I'm working on it!

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