Saturday, January 3, 2009

On Being a REAL Princess, Secrets of the Happy Heart Princess

Now that my book has been available for almost a year, sharing some of the great feedback I've gotten seems appropriate. From 5 year old Emma's mother, "Emma looks at the lovely pictures in the book and then goes to the world globe to find the country that each one comes from. From Megan's mother, "Megan took her book to show and tell - she loves the lovely pictures of all the princesses". "Sara keeps the book on her bedside table and looks thru it every nite before she goes to sleep". From a mother "The journaling activities in your book have helped to open many conversations with my preteen about values and decision making". From a therapist "your book has really helped one of my young clients to sort out her feelings and talk about them". From a school teacher who used the book in an after school program, "the girls loved this experience - the simplicity of the book is its beauty!" If you are interested in purchasing my book, just go to

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