Sunday, November 7, 2010

a sense of accomplishment - finally . . . well almost . . . maybe . . . .

spent many hours over the last four days working on my website - i had a goal of getting it up and running no later than november 20 and i think basically with a few tweaks i can almost say it is up and running - still need to finish adding visa/mastercard capabilities - one can currently only purchase thru paypal - but that should be finished within a couple of days.  I feel like i am learning a lot about merchandising, photo's and websites and it comes hard but is fun nonetheless.   so . . . you can go to my website and order online as of TODAY -  so far i have only 50 items online but there will be more to come sooner or later.    you can also get to my site by going to and clicking on the top photo - okay -  enough about me . . . how is everyone?

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