Saturday, October 16, 2010

next project . . . .


with a deep sigh, I look back over the last six months with a view to where i've been, where i've come to and where i am going next.   April 2010 saw me recovering from a car accident and broken back while at the same time reinventing myself 'one more time'!  I had the idea to convert my shop to a fairy/princess gift shop experience by building a new look, a new theme and a new inventory.
- Stoney's Gifts,  All Things Princess and Fairy is now a reality and my shop boasts such lines as Kidorables, Charmits, Bobux, Melissa and Doug\, Eeboo, LeVan Toy and many more exciting collections.   Of course, since one is never finished, i am still adding inventory to my collection but if i may brag a moment, i think it's 'an adorable little shop'.   If you live in the Cincinnati area, please stop by.   You will find a carefully selected inventory of little girl gifts  chosen for their educational, self esteem enhancing, fun and unique qualities.
In my spare time, I was knee deep in plans for the Second Annual Wee Fairy Folk Fest held on October 2, (a huge success, even considering the showers that developed mid-day).   This year Doors of MainStrasse Village partnered with Children Inc. in our first Wee Fairy Folk Raffle to raise money for the Doors of MainStrasse Children's Scholarship fund.  (to learn more, go to

If you don't live in the Cincinnati area, check out my online shop - it's my next project and is not completed yet but i have a good start on it and if you see something you like, it can be shipped to you - just email me at

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