Monday, December 8, 2008

TODAY . . . I danced in the aisles at Walmart

Okay - so I'm doing a lot of my Christmas shopping this year at Walmart - trying to buy practical gifts that the people on my list really need. With a slowdown in my business, money is definitely an issue this year and so, while I am standing in the wrapping paper aisle (at the back of the store I might add) trying to decide if I can afford the $4.88 wrapping paper or if I should just settle for the $2.88 wrapping paper, a particularly beautiful rendition of "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" comes on the store speakers. Suddenly I felt a warm rush of pure joy and happiness - so much so that I could not help but begin to dance and twirl in the aisle! For that moment, all was right in my world - beautiful music eliciting happy memories, gratitude that at 66 years of age I can still twirl!, thankfulness that I have family to spend Christmas with and love for My Creator! It was a moment of pure joy that passed as quickly as it came but this Christmas I intend to find more of those moments and string them all together like lights on the Christmas Tree