Thursday, December 4, 2008

Can We Reinvent Christmas?

I find myself engaging in thoughtful fantasies this year with regard to Christmas. With the emphasis on a fumbling economy and families trying to make ends meet, I am reminded of how very commercialized our holiday season has become!. I know, it's an overused phrase but this year, it seems to take on additional meaning. When I think of desperately trying to purchase a gift for people on my list who "need nothing" or are "hard to buy for". I think of the absurdity of the antics we go thru at this time of year to make it Christmas. What would Christmas feel like if it was reinvented without the frenzy of piles of gifts under the tree? Could we be content with a Christmas centered around music, food, family, fun (games), a time to slow down and enjoy our time without the pressures of getting to the office, etc. These thoughts ramble thru my head as I engage in my own Holiday shopping frenzy. Your ideas?