Saturday, June 6, 2015

well . . . I'm back for a minute (in case you haven't noticed i have been missing in action for a couple years) BUT i have not been sitting on the couch eating chips and salsa during that time.   Oh, no . . . . I have been busy.   Let's see . . . where do i begin.   Well after turning 70 . . . oh by the way, did i mention that i think my 70's are gonna be my favorite years.  Of course i said that about my 40's, my 50's and my 60's too.
I kicked off my 70's by stepping outside my comfort zone and singing a solo at my church.   Whadda you know . . . the next thing i knew i was invited to join an All Girl Ukulele Band called the Sugar Pills.    Frufru costumes, colored wigs and bright colored ukulele's are part of what we are about.   But we also have a meaningful message.   You see, our leader Barbara Baxter, a cancer survivor has written a book entitled "Sugar Pills, Non Medical Ways to Feel Your best "
Each of the Sugar Pills have faced a unique challenge in their life's journey.   Ranging in age from 18 to 73, we bring a vast array of experiences to our presentations.   The Sugar Pills are available for presentations at events of all kinds.  We have presented at Health Seminars, Red Hat Society events, Cincinnati Ladies Club and let's talk about parades . . . . two years in the Red's Opening Day Parade in Cincinnati, the Pegasus Derby Parade in Louisville and stay tuned . . . there's more on the horizon.

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