Saturday, July 10, 2010

2010 Happenings at the Home of the Happy Heart Princess

Well, once again, it's been a long time since I posted - I really admire you people who are able to post on a daily or even weekly basis!!   Seems I just don't get to it!   Well, lots has happened since I last posted.   On my way home from my Island retreat in February, i tangled with a semi in Orangeburg, North Carolina.  A broken back, hospital stay of 5 days and body cast later, i was on my way home with my beloved sister at the wheel of the rental car.   My car of course, was a bit 'wrinkled'.   February and March were a bit of a blur but what i will never forget is those good friends and family (my son and his wife and kids) who gathered round to take care of me!   I am so blessed!    In March,  there was a change in my shop inventory as the consigned inventory was moved to another store location and I began the challenging task of reinventing my shop.   Actually, it has turned out to be so much fun!   Stoney's is now Stoney's Gifts, All Things Princess and Fairy and I have gathered together a wonderful inventory of gifts and toys for little girls!    I am currently working on an onstore shop so stay tuned - in the meantime, you can go to and see some of the items.   Also getting busy here on our Second Annual Wee Fairy Folk Festival.   More about that later as I need to get my shop open . . . . have a great day!!!

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