Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We Never Know How and When We Touch Lives

This morning as I was taking my shower, I was thinking how grateful I am for my nice hot shower in the morning - don't forget, the majority of the world population does not have this 'luxury'. My thoughts led me to a news clip on Afghanastan that I saw years ago. It was about a grandmother and her grandson who lived in what could be described as a mere cave in Afghanastan. The grandmother was ill and spent her days waiting for her grandson to return with a few coins or food that he managed to get from begging. Her image is imblazoned upon my heart and I have thought of her so often over the years for two reasons. The first being my gratitude for living here in this country. I think of her in the morning when I make my first cup of coffee - not only do I have running water, I have the ability to heat it - not only do I have coffee, I have great coffee beans that I grind myself to make REALLY REALLY great coffee. I thought of her again this morning when thanking God for a hot shower. The other lesson I learned from that clip is that we never know how we might impact other's lives. That poor grandmother living in that cave in Afghanistan has no idea of the way she has affected my life and my sense of gratitude. And since I have shared her story with many, perhaps she has affected many. It's a reminder to me to try to live my life to the best of my ability "just in case someone is watching".


  1. Stoney, You continue to inspire me. You exude joy and I know that joy comes from inner peace and knowing our purpose in life. Thank you for sharing your thoughts of gratitude with all of us.

  2. lovely post!
    My family is going through some hardships but i thank god everyday for what I have.

  3. Dear Happy Heart princess, Thanks for your kind blog about my mom's passing. We have something in common. I do murals as well. Enjoyed your blog I will continue to watch. Valerie